The International Relations Department


Assisting all international mobility projects

One of the main objectives of the International Relations Department at POLYTECH Montpellier is to actively encourage each and every one of our students to gain some sort of experience abroad throughout their course, from PEIP (18 + school leavers) to 5th year.

Be it a work placement, a study period, or simply a summer job abroad, we guide and assist all international mobility projects. Currently 80% of our students graduate with an experience abroad under their belts.

To reach this target, POLYTECH Montpellier has set up active partnerships with over 100 universities, (70 of which are in Europe), and owns a database of over 600 foreign companies who have offered our students placements or internship opportunities over the years. The school is an active member of various International Programmes:

  • European Lifelong Learning programmes for Study mobility and Work experience: ERASMUS
  • Erasmus Mundus partnerships
  • BCI (Canadian University partnership)

In addition, the school has set up Double Degree programmes with prestigious university partners such as Cranfield University (UK), Politecnico di Torino (Italy), l'Université de Sherbrooke (Canada), University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil).

Through these programmes and networks, POLYTECH Montpellier awards and manages 400 000€ of mobility grants each year.


Welcoming foreign students

POLYTECH Montpellier also welcomes an increasing number of foreign students - through exchange programmes or registered directly with the school, either at bachelor or postgraduate level.

To open our course to non francophone students, we have set up a year long Bridging Programme, enabling International Students to spend a year getting their linguistic and scientific skills up to scratch.
The current percentage of foreign students in the school is approximately 11%.